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Access and download thousands of ebooks on the ebrary platform.


  1. Go to ebrary and sign in to your personal ebrary account
    • You'll need to do this at least once every 90-days to validate use on the mobile app
    • If you don't already have a personal ebrary account, create one by clicking the Sign In link at the top-right of the ebrary page, then use the Create an Account link.
  2. Create an Adobe account if you don't already have one:
    • You'll only need an Adobe account if you plan to access full-document downloaded ebrary titles via the mobile app
    • If you've done full-document downloads on ebrary, you already have one
    • To create an Adobe account:
      1. Go to the Adobe site
      2. Click Create an account
      3. Fill in at least the starred fields
      4. Click OK
  3. Install the ebrary app
  4. Sign in using your personal ebrary account username and password
  5. If it's your first time signing in to the app, you will be prompted for your Adobe account info


Downloaded ebrary ebooks expire in 7 days or after you check them in.

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