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Newman Library tour: 2nd floor
second floor of newman library

The Learning Commons contains several library and campus services. In addition to points A-F is Night Owl, a service of the VT Writing Center assisting students with writing assignments. Check the sign for hours of operation.

  1. The Circulation/Reserve Desk is inside the main doors on the left. Here books, DVDs, VHS tapes and music CDs may be checked out. Interlibrary Loan materials are checked out at the Circulation Desk. This is also where reserve items may be found. Reserve items are class readings or other high demand materials that have a short circulation period. Library fines may be paid here or at the Photocopy/Cashiers window on the 4th floor.
  2. In front of the circulation desk and the elevator at the far end of the room are publicly available computer internet workstations. Additional workstations are located near the elevator on the 1st and 3rd through 5th floors. Wireless connectivity is available throughout the building.
  3. Past the Circulation Desk is the Business, Humanities & Social Sciences Reference Desk and reference collection. Desk staff help in navigating the building, answer questions and assist with research.
  4. Between the Circulation Desk and the Business, Humanities & Social Sciences Reference Desk are the New Books shelves. New books are added to the collection daily and displayed here for up to two week before going to the regular shelves.
  5. The News Alcove at the far end of the Learning Commons features current newspapers and a large screen TV.
  6. Also at the far end of the Learning Commons is the media equipment area. This includes the viewing equipment for video tapes and DVDs, and listening equipment for audiotapes and music CDs.
  7. Two group study rooms (Rooms 2031 and 2033) are along the outside wall past the E call number book shelves. Group study rooms are not reserved and are available on a first come first served basis.
  8. Newman Library Classroom (Room 207A) is at the end of the room with the Business, Humanities & Social Sciences reference collection and call numbers A-BR.
  9. Interlibrary Loan (ILL) Office. Items needed for research that the VT libraries do not own can be requested through ILL from other libraries.
  10. Language Resource Center (Room 2010). Comouters loaded with Rosetta Stone software for several languages and levels.

The remainder of the floor is the collection with call numbers A through E.