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Newman Library tour: 3rd floor
third floor of newman library

The 3rd floor is a Quiet Floor.

  1. To the left as you exit the elevator is the Juvenile Collection. These books are for young children through teenagers. They are also often used by students in education programs.
  2. Behind the Juvenile Collection is the Scripts Collection. These are scripts of plays and musicals. They circulate for only 7 days at a time.
  3. The Reshelving Room is along the inside wall past the Scripts Collection area. Books used in the library or returned to circulation are brought to the reshelving room before being reshelved. If a title is available on Addison but not on the shelf look in the reshelving room. Reshelving rooms are in the same place on the 2nd, 4th and 5th floors.

The remainder of the floor is the collection with call numbers F through P.