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Newman Library tour: 4th floor
fourth floor of newman library
  1. Five group study rooms are located on the fourth floor. Three are along the wall directly in front of the elevators. One is at the end of the room past the Copy Center and the last is in the room to the left after you pass the Copy Center. Group study rooms are not reserved and are available on a first come first served basis.
  2. To the left of the elevators are the Science and Technology reference desk and reference collection. Desk staff help in navigating the building, answer questions and assist with research.
  3. Past the SciTech reference collection is the Current Periodicals Collection. New issues of periodicals are assigned a call number and shelved here. Later they are bound and shelved by call number with the book collection. See our Periodicals handout for more information.
  4. Further along in this room are the Copy Center and Photocopy/Cashiers Window. The Library's photocopy machines are located in the Copy Center. Printouts from the computer internet workstations throughout the building are picked up and paid for at the Photocopy /Cashiers Window. In addition library overdue fines may be paid here and faxes may be sent and received. The Photocopy web site explains prices and payment methods.
  5. After passing the Copy Center go to your left through the door and enter the library area in Torgersen Hall.
  6. On the right is the Torgersen Library Classroom (Room 3310)
  7. Further down on the left is the Library Information and Assistance Desk and Electronic Consulting Services Room (ECS). Library Information and Assistance Desk staff help in navigating the building and answering questions. Some of the data CDs and DVDs purchased by the library are kept in the Electronic Consulting Services Room (ECS). Workstations are provided to use these items. A scanner is also available in the ECS.
  8. The Graduate Student Study Room (Room 416) is located at the end of the room behind the elevators.

The remainder of the floor is the collection with call numbers Q through S.